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"After the intermission, the audience saw an unusual picture on the stage: the gorgeous Philharmonic grand piano “Steinway” was turned to the hall by a keyboard and everything was clarified. When the conductor sat down at the piano, and the orchestra played his composition Senzala No. 2 for piano and orchestra (Prague and Riga romances). In my opinion, it was like a little magic. It seems that the simple melody was filled with such light and love, such joy that it will be remembered for a long time"

Murmansk Newspaper (Siberia-Russia)-About Maestro Laborda compositions


Ópera Maruxa -Barcelona


Interview: Paralela Brazilian Magazine:



"The Maestro´s  moody was able to skillfully demonstrate a deep understanding of the style field of regency technique and charismatic influence on the orchestra, for which he is remembered for the public."

Saint Petersburg Press, Russia


"The young conductor not only very talented but achieving  of the orchestra a amazing performance of a terribly hard piece. For me to find conductors with this musicality, knowledge of style, ability to follow and adapt a conception with soloist is increasingly rare. I recommend the Maestro Laborda unreservedly and enthusiasticall.."

Mr. Luiz de Moura Castro (Brazil/USA)Harrtford University teacher (USA) and International Concertist.Steering Committee of the American Frazs Lizst Society (USA)


"The conductor and composer Roberto Laborda was laureated in the 3th Antonin Dvorak International Competition in the Prague Conservatory. His composition are characterized by a refined form, clarity, charm, refined humor and positive attitude to life. Cooperation with him will surely to the development and cultural enrichment of the two parts"

Dr. Choi, Young Chul (South Korea)Director of the 3th  Dvorak International Competition-Prague (Czech Republic)

"In those days, guest conductor Roberto Laborda (Brazil and Spain), March 20, 2015 in the Concert Hall. M. Maksakova in the program with the Orchestra of Astrakhan State Philharmonic Hall. His manner of conduct, looks a bit different from the classic Russian tradition. Tall, with long arms and wide hair, he with passion and elegance skillfully managed the orchestra in every nuance and a beautiful interpretation of the works. Even sometimes he blinked approving smiling during the performance thanking the group of violins Orchestra. Laborda radiates joy and optimism on stage and bastidores.He loves the profession of conductor in which he has vocation. If you notice that he is happy with the music.He is also very honest with your answers and respond more quickly to simple questions posed by me immediately after the concert. - Brazilian Heitor Villa-Lobos, etc. Mozart, Arensky, Elgar, of course: the first "show Astrakhan" classics performed Overall - popular among musicians and composers and listeners of his works. A small opening speech found that Roberto is now working in Barcelona with the Academy Symphony Orchestra Music site. We also visited, including our country. Thus, in December last year, Roberto brilliant debut in Russia with the Symphony Orchestra of St. Petersburg, in a museum concert hall "Erarta" (on Vasilevsky Island). And Astrakhan actually becomes Roberto Laborda one of the first foreign teachers to act en tour by Russia ,. The local press wrote about it: "the Maestro moody was able to skillfully demonstrate a deep understanding of the style field of regency technique and charismatic influence on the orchestra, for which he is remembered for the public." Musician Pasional and Bright is now waiting for the orchestra of students of the State Conservatory of Astrakhan. Preparations are in full swing and on March 23, at 17 hours everyone will be able to comply with the nearest Brazilian maestro."
Astrakhan Conservatory review-Rusia

"The Brazilian conductor and composer Roberto Laborda represent Brazil in the final of one of the largest clasical music competition in the world: Antonin Dvorak International Composition Competition. The final will be held from this Saturday (28th) and runs until July 30, in Prague, Czech Republic.
Born in Salvador, Laborda reached Europe without financial resources and after much effort and varied work, gotta pay for his studies in music.
The conductor was selected from approximately 2,500 applicants from 86 countries to represent Brazil. He and 11 more candidates of other nationalities will be in the grand final of the competition.
The finals will take place at the Prague Conservatory and will, in judging committee, with the participation of several European and American teachers.
The finalists will compose in the same room where the famous Czech composer, Antonin Dvorak, taught. The contest is organized by Antonin Dvorak III, grandson of the composer, together with the governments of South Korea and the Czech Republic.
The work that led to the end is called Brazilian Hope Country - The Last Pau-de-Arara and narrates, beautiful and emotive manner, the migration of the northeastern people towards large urban centers."

Brazilian Ministery Of Culture (Ministerio da Cultura do Brasil)

" Roberto Laborda possesses great talent in various areas of music. He should be able to suceed in whatever area he chooses. His natural musicality and big sonority are assets in musical interpretation and in comunication with de audience. He possesses a large range of musical expressivity and sensitivity...."
Dr. Nancy Lee Harper (USA)
Teacher in the Aveiro University (Portugal)

"Roberto Laborda is an intelligent musician with acute perception. Simple and communicative character I can say without doubt that it is one of the greats talents of the Brazilian classical music."
Piero Bastianelli (Italia/ Brazil)-Teacher of Bahia University and Conductor)


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