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Mr. Laborda is a multi-faceted musician. The success of his compositions in Europe and Russia has rendered him excellent reviews. His works entitled "Senzalas" are a serie of works for symphonic orchestra, chamber music and Concertos. Among his most outstanding works we can mention his opera called "Irma Dulce", premiered in Rome during the Santa Dulce canonization, celebreted  by the Pope Francesco in octuber of 2019. His next project  for 2022 include the debut of the Concerto for Violin and Orchestra dedicated to Queen Silvia of Sweden. His catologue include:

SENZALA n.1 for Symphony Orchestra
1-Prelude I Esperança Sertaneja
2-Toccata I O Último Pau-de-Arara

SENZALA n.2 for Piano and String Orchestra (or  Trio for Piano)
1-The Romance of Prague
2-The Romance of Riga

SENZALA n.3 for Piano and Symphony Orchestra I MACUMBA
1-Fim de Tarde no Solar do Unhão
2-Roda no Elevador Lacerda

SENZALA n.4 for Piano solo "Armagedon Fantasy"
1-Great Tribulation
2-The Return of the Messiah
3-The Last Celestial Battle 

SENZALA n.5 for Violin and Orchestra "Queen Silvia Violin Concerto" 
1-The Romance of Stockholm
2-The Fugue of Heidelberg
3-The Samba of São Paulo
*Dedicate  to Queen Silvia of Sweden

Ópera en 2 actos

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